a picture of me bagging groceries

Look how good I am as a cashier

Hey Everyone,

I have come to realize an important point.  I have been a cashier at Macy’s for the past 3 months now. I am glad I have a job now but I was looking for a job for such a long time I thought it would never happen.  The most difficult part for me was filling out application after application, so boring.  The part I seemed to always have problems with was the job description section. I have been a cashier before but I never knew what duties or skills to put on the application.  I came to realize that it was pretty simple.  All I had to do was think of my daily tasks and write them on a piece of paper. After I had the list I came up with clever ways to make them sound more professional.

Should I ask my boss about my cashier job description at my current work?

So here it is. I am going to make life easier for all you future cashiers.  I will break it down step by step for you so you will not have to struggle like I did.  Step one, when filling out the cashier job description place in the application, simply write the duties that you had to complete every day. This can be things like helping customers or doing price checks.  If you are looking for a cashier job in specific then also put down something like your ability to work well with other people. If you had many responsibilities then also list as many as you can think of.

I know this is a bit off topic but I am a huge fan of the bee bee gun and many other awesome things. I don’t know the right way to spell it but I always spell out the entire word.  I saw a fight break out one time that turned into an all out bee bee gun war. It was pretty funny because nobody got hurt. The rifles were single pump so they could not inflict much damage. The fight was between a few friends of mine they had each bought a new pistol and they broke out and started to blast each other.

They were rolling in and out of the bushy areas and running in between cars. Its a miracle that no cars were hit. Those bee bee’s fly pretty fast for just being toys. Some people don’t consider them toys but I do. They are not powerful enough to produce major injuries but they do hit hard enough to leave a small mark. Especially if you shoot an automatic. Neither of them had automatics so it was not an issue. They had to reload at about the same speed.

Upon having an all out fight they were both out of ammo. They had to go to the store to buy more. They are both broke college students so they money supply was limited. No Matter they made the most of it. That’s enough of a rant from me so I will let you get back to your day.