Best weapons, artifacts, and team builds

Opera singer

Genshin Impact 2.4 introduced Yun Jin, a 4 Star Geo character who wields polearms. She is a niche support that will enhance teammates’ normal attacks and fit nicely into multiple team lineups.

  • Yun Jin is a traditional Chinese opera singer and performer, the character is available in the current banner and will be available for free during the Lantern Rite event.

Here is our Yun Jin building guide covering the best weapons, artifacts, and best teammates.

Banner Details

The Transcendent returns, Genshin Impact 2.5’s first banner has been uploaded January 5 and will be available until 25 january.

This banner features – Yun Jin – 4 Star Geo, Polearm User and the following 5 and 4 Star characters:

  • Shenhe – 5 Star Cryo, Polearm User
  • Ningguang – 4 Star Geo, Catalyst User
  • Chongyun – 4 Star Cryo, Claymore User

Who is Yun Jin?

She is a prestigious dancer, singer and brewer who works at the Heyu tea house. His character design is believed to represent the classical art of Chinese opera.

Best attributes

  • Yun Jin greatly improves allies’ Normal Attack DMG while providing shields to protect them.
  • Elemental skill generates many energy particles.
  • Low cost elemental explosion and low cooldown elemental skill.
  • Elemental skill DMG increases per stack or parry DMG.


  • Requires characters of various elemental types for other normal ATK buffs.
  • Yun Jin’s buff only benefits attackers, whose DMG is based on normal attack.

Best Weapons


Last name



5 stars Homa staff Critical. % DMG Health increased by 40%. Additionally, provides an ATK bonus based on 1.6% of the wearer’s max health. When the wearer’s HP is below 50%, this ATK bonus is increased by an additional 1.8% of max HP.
4 stars capturing Energy recharge Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 32% and Elemental Burst CRIT rate by 12%.

Homa staff

  • The Staff of Homa is always a good choice for Polearm users. While the passive doesn’t fully apply with the Yun Jin Kit, the high ATK base and Crit DMG come in handy.
  • However, a 5 star weapon for a supporting character seems a bit overkill.


  • While Yun Jin, DMG has ramped up defense, recharging energy and increasing Capture Elemental Shard will allow Yun Jin to spam his abilities often.
  • The Catch is an F2P weapon that players get by fishing. Refinement materials are also available for free.
  • Lance Favonius works similar to The Catch with a little less DMG output, a good alternative if you are using the Catch for another character.

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Best Artifacts

To construct

Set 1

Set 2

Statistics needed

The best of the slot machine Carcass of Opulent Dreams Carcass of Opulent Dreams Sands: DEF / Energy recharge – Goblet: DEF% – Tiara: DEF%
To replace Carcass of Opulent Dreams Emblem of Broken Fate Sands: DEF / Energy recharge – Goblet: DEF% – Tiara: DEF%

Yun Jin is a support character who improves the normal attack DMG of his teammates based on his maximum defense.

Focusing on Yun Jin’s artifact defense stats with energy recharge will do wonders.

Carcass of Opulent Dreams

The new Husk of Opulent Dreams set provides additional DEF and increases Geo DMG and stacks the outfield.

Four pieces of this artifact set with good defense stats are the ideal build. However, if you don’t have good artifacts, a few alternatives will work well with two Husk of Opulent Dreams pieces.

  • Emblem of Broken Fate – Additional energy recharge
  • Archaic Petra – Extra Geo DMG

Best team builds




Main DPS Yoimiya Pyro
Under DPS Xingqiu Hydroelectricity
Elementary reaction Gorou Geo
Support Yun jin Geo

Yun Jin is a suitable Plug and Play character. But, Yoimiya appears to be the DPS that makes the most of Yun Jin’s abilities.

Yoimiya synergy

The composition of the team will work as follows:

  • Yoimiya DMG is based on his normal attacks, which work perfectly with the Yun Jin passive.
    • Alternative to DPS: Childe, Diluc, Razor
  • Xingqiu’s Elemental Shatter activates Rain Swords using normal attacks, further enhancing Yun Jin’s passive.
  • Gorou’s skills will provide an additional% DEF and collect Crystallization Particles to maintain the shield.

Mono Geo

On paper, Yun Jin was the last member of a Geo Mono team with characters whose abilities escalate with Defense. Although she is a good addition, Yun Jin’s passive isn’t perfect for Geo DPS like Itto or Noelle.

So here is our suggested Mono Geo team:

  • Zhong-Li or Albedo as a sub-DPS will provide the team with constant buffs.
  • Gorou will get stronger as more Geo characters are present in the field. However, three characters are enough to maximize its usefulness.
  • We consider the location for DPS to be flexible, as long as your character is not dependent on elemental reactions.
    • Good options: Raiden Shogun, Ningguang, Yomiya, Xiao.

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