Big time at Grand Living | Letters to the Editor

Opera singer

My wife and I have been attending the initial program since the pandemic started at Grand Living on Friday night and really enjoyed the performance. Jessica Faselt, an opera singer from Iowa City, performed for about an hour. Not only did she have a fantastic voice, but she was very personable and informative and explained to the audience the meaning of the songs and information about opera singing in general. She showed a video before her performance on her becoming a singer and her performance at the Metropolitan Opera House.

The evening’s event was well planned, from the separate entrance for guests with temperature measurement and masks worn, to separate seating for residents. Many residents were present and enjoyed the show very much. After the show, residents gathered in the bistro with coffee and refreshments. Guests left from their separate door and were given free gift bags with chocolates etc. Also, inside the bags were individual coffee pods as we couldn’t have coffee with the residents. I thought that, even though it was a small object, it showed a touch of class.

So everything from the professionally designed programs, to the professionalism and courtesy of the staff, to the tremendous performance of Jessica Faselt, made for a most enjoyable Friday night. Thank you Grand Living for a great night!

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Dr Grégory Wood

Terra Vista