Bridgerton star reveals details of new ITV drama The Larkins

Opera singer

Bridgerton‘s Sabrina Bartlett has a new role to play, and in news that won’t surprise anyone, her cozy new family drama for ITV is completely different from the Netflix series.

Sabrina, who plays opera singer Siena Rosso in Bridgerton, plays the role of Mariette Larkin in the next ITV film May’s cherished buds adaptation, The Alouettes.

Featuring Doctor Whoby Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlan, The Alouettes is meant to be a Sunday night comfort blanket, as it follows Ma Larkin and their six children as they “bask in their idyllic and beautiful corner of Kent’s paradise”.

It’s not hot.

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Talk to on the differences between the two roles, Sabrina admitted that The Alouettes was “such a joy” to work – and much less restrictive than Bridgerton, too much.

“I loved my time on Bridgerton, and I’m so grateful for the experience, but to go from wearing a corset and playing an opera singer and having this world very tightly attached to and then going and getting muddy and muddy and being able to ride a horse in the rain and wearing Wellington boots every day and having roasted puddings and everything… it was actually a total joy to have such a different world and such a different atmosphere, ”she explained.

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To reveal was the “burp, fart, [and] piglets “who did it, Sabrina added:” It was just honestly, it was pure joy. For me, I grew up in the country, riding and playing outside [with] my little sister who runs everywhere, quite wild.

“For me, it was great to come back to something that I understood that was part of my life.”

Still, we wouldn’t mind seeing a Bridgerton X Larks crossing. It might work, right?

The Alouettes starts Sunday October 10 at 8 p.m. on ITV.

Bridgerton Season 1 is now available to watch on Netflix. Season 2 is in production. Secret Cinema with Fever Present Bridgerton opens on November 10 at a secret location outside of London. To buy tickets, go to here.

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