Daily cartoon and live briefing: Saturday, October 30, 2021

Opera theater

Today in the eyes of the editorial staff: Today is the 85th birthday of Robert Caro, the former great journalist of Newsday, the greatest living biographer of power. He is the author of The power broker, the biography that makes Robert Moses, the imperious Robert Moses sound like the Fourth Karamazov, and he is the author of the The Lyndon Johnson years, of which four of the five volumes have appeared. He’s still working on the fifth. And we all wish he didn’t die until he’s in Knopf’s hands. Apparently, he’s been asked quite often if he’s going to get there. From AP: “According to Caro’s editor, Alfred A. Knopf, no book receives more inquiries about its completion than Johnson’s latest volume, even if anyone with a long memory has a love for it. story or access to Wikipedia knows how his life ends. . The escalation of the Vietnam War and the failure to win it or to reach a negotiated settlement led Johnson to announce in March 1968 that he would not be running again. He lived only four years after leaving the White House, dying of a heart attack in January 1973, at the age of 64. If you are not inclined to read the 3,000 pages of LBJ and the nearly 1,000 pages of Moses, you can give his diminutive Job an essay, a very short and still captivating 2019 autobiography of Caro as a journalist and historian in activity. I remember sending a copy to Brian McMillan. I’m still waiting for the book review. The City Repertory Theater production of “Urinetown” the musical, directed by John Sbordone, at 7:30 pm Performances will be in CRT’s Black Box Theater at City Marketplace, 160 Cypress Point Parkway, Suite B207, Palm Coast. Tickets are $ 30 adults and $ 15 students, available online here or by calling 386-585-9415, or at the door. See: “’Urinetown’, a musical not very serious for our time and for our city, at the City Repertory Theater. ” Stetson University Opera Theater presents “Into the Woods” by Stephen Sondheim, Michael Foster, director. A magical tale of love and adventure in the woods on the Stetson University campus. The show will take place on the east side of North Hayden Avenue between East Ohio Avenue and East Wisconsin Avenue in DeLand. Free parking will be available on the west side of North Hayden Avenue. The show will be moved to the Feasel Rehearsal Room in the McMahan Hall in the event of inclement weather. Admission: $ 10 for adults, $ 5 for youth and free for Stetson professors, staff and students with Stetson University ID cards aged 12 and under.

The University of Florida is conducting an online survey on behalf of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to learn more about the use of disposable plastic bags, auxiliary materials and packaging by Florida residents. The principal investigator of the study is Dr Tim Townsend of UF and the Sustainable Materials Management Research Laboratory. The survey will be administered online using Qualtrics from mid-September 2021 to October 31, 2021. If you are able to participate in this very important, please visit this link below. Link to survey: https://faculty.eng.ufl.edu/timothy-townsend/survey/… This survey is available to all Florida residents and if you have any questions please contact Ms. Ashley Ricketts by e -mail to the address [email protected]

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“Wait here, and I’ll be back, even if the hours divide,
and the streets of the city, perplexed, perverse, delay
my steps in a hurry, and the clocks are laughing
with smiling faces from the long wall of the day:

wait here, under your little piece of sky,
read the headlines, while the snowflakes touch
on barely dried ink the news that thousands of people are dying,
die, and do not remember too much:

yes, the dead without number, that no one esteemed,
our other selves, too late or little loved;
now in the dust, proud eyes unknown, unsuspected,
those who begged for mercy while we stood still.

How can we fix our world now that it’s broken?
You, with your guilty heart, wait here and think,
as I strive to come back through lies and unspoken truths,
and, in the suburbs, the sunset snow turns pink:

you, in this dead end, that now we are leaving
for a larger, more expensive view;
the falling snow, a disastrous Christmas Eve,
and neon death at the end of the avenue.

–Conrad Aiken

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