Dubai Opera and the Grimm sisters present multisensory performance to mark 50 years

Opera song

Pietra De Mello-Pittman and Ella Spira with their MBE.

Gulf today, Journalist

Dubai Opera and British theater production company Sisters Grimm present ’50 FOR 50′, an immersive, multisensory exhibition featuring music and 50 landscape paintings from the United Arab Emirates to commemorate its jubilee celebration. Gold, by Grammy-nominated composer and painter Ella Spira MBE, from November 29 to December 14. 50 For 50 steps, an emotional audiovisual journey and each painting has a unique bespoke score composed by Spira, in collaboration with Db Gad and Emirati singers, Shamma Hamdan and Don Abdullah.

Their music was mixed with the natural world sounds of creatures unique to the region, including the calls of the Arab Collared Kingfisher and the Peacock, the chorus of cicadas in the Kalba Mountains and the sounds of Arabian horses in the sand. and the sea. from Saadiyat beach. “This unique exhibition is the culmination of the Grimm sisters’ experiences and discoveries across the United Arab Emirates, with my paintings created in situ over the past 18 months and my music featuring sounds of Emirati life, which I have had the privilege of being invited to share with them ”Ella Spira revealed. “The works of art are intended to raise awareness of the fragile environment and inspire the protection of the natural landscape.

The series depicts the story of a land that has not only inspired unity and collaboration within its community, but has also been radically transformed by the industry, ”she added. 50 For 50 hopes to leave a legacy honoring the UAE’s 50 formative years, rich history, natural beauty and unique achievements. The 50 For 50 experience culminates with the world premiere screening of the Sisters Grimm film, “Daughters of the Wind Overture”. Directed by Jhenyfy Muller, based on a story by Stephen Powell, which features the 50 paintings sharing the main stage of the Dubai Opera alongside former Royal Ballet ballerina Pietra De Mello-Pittman, co-founder of Sisters Grimm , and vocalists DB Gad (50 FOR 50 co-composer) and Madyan Hamza, singing in Arabic and English.

“We saw the global pandemic as an opportunity to pivot our production and since then we have developed new and innovative ways of presenting our projects, which promote understanding and dialogue between cultures and communities,” commented Pietra By Mello-Pittman, recalling the first stages of the exhibition. “We came to the UAE in 2019 to develop a new show on the Arab world and finally hosted 50 For 50 this year, which embodies all of our aspirations. Our intention is to use our creativity to embrace different cultures and highlight the social issues we all face through wellness experiences, ”she added. Sisters Grimm was founded by Ella Spira and Pietra De Mello-Pittman MBE in 2009, with a mission to produce relevant work, motivated by equality and diversity and with social impact at its heart. In 2019, the award-winning artists decided to reside between the UK and the UAE and established their first international office in Dubai to immerse themselves in the culture of the Emirate.