Evil Genius 2 Gets Free DLC Tied To Team Fortress 2 Today, New Paid Update

Opera singer


Evil Genius 2 device Maximilian Doomsday

No Evil Genius is complete without an apocalyptic device.

Crossbreeds are fun, it’s true. They’re even fun when they don’t have the slightest meaning, like throwing a recognizable team action character into a criminal brain simulator. And only that is happening today, like Evil genius 2: World domination got two new packs, one of which includes the Pyro from Team Fortress 2. You can grab the Pyro Pack for free right now on Steam. It not only includes the Pyro Henchman, but a side story of recruiting and three loot items to keep you busy. Frankly, every good supervillain needs henchmen with flamethrowers, so it’s easy to get behind that. Pyrotechnic minions can not only start fires, but they can also extinguish them. How thoughtful.

In addition to the Pyro Pack, a new paid DLC is also available in Evil genius 2 today. The Rise of Valkyrie Pack can be purchased on its own for $ 4.99 USD and is available as part of the Season Pass. In this DLC, players will be faced with a series of missions where they disrupt the plans of a powerful opera singer. In doing so, she fights alongside her trusted Valkyries. The opera singer‘s name is Doomhilda, and playing through her side missions will allow you to recruit her to your side. As she is an opera singer, her abilities are tied to her voice and can hamper her enemies while also helping her allies.

Evil genius 2 raise the temperature with Team Fortress 2Pyro

Evil genius 2 launched in March of this year and currently sits at a pretty rough 62% rate on Steam. However, the game has received a constant stream of fixes and new content, and new elements will continue to flow for the foreseeable future. The game is currently on sale for 25% off on Steam and comes with a slew of evil machinations at your fingertips. I’ve always wanted a useless volcano lair myself. But we can always dream.