Eyes in the Sky – New drones help keep Grizzly games safe

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Someone is watching you.

Keep your eyes on the sky during the upcoming Grizzly Home Soccer Game and you’ll see two captive drones helping with security and sanding down personnel where they might be needed.

The KGVO spoke with MU Police Chief Brad Giffin ahead of the Southern Utah game, and he explained the use of the $ 150,000 security drones.

“As we have personnel issues for security reasons, we contacted a company called Cloud Cover who will provide us with tethered drone coverage,” Chief Giffin said. “Captive drone coverage gives us the ability to have real intelligence instantly actionable for any ground issue, whether in the tailgate area or anywhere inside the stadium, so we can lead effectively. our emergency resources faster than ever. do before.

Giffin explained how drones communicate with UM Security.

“There are monitors at every station,” he said. “There is a communication device between the command center and the two surveillance drones and we have screens to look at. If we select an area where there is a problem, they focus on it so that we can effectively direct our people to where the problem is.

Giffin said drones have already proven themselves as a UM safety aid.

“We used it during the Guns and Roses concert and it turned out to be very effective,” he said. “By identifying problem areas early on, we could resolve them effectively so that they didn’t turn into something they didn’t need to be. And that’s the meaning of what we hope to accomplish with this game and the next. “

Giffin said the drones won’t get much attention in the upcoming Grizzly-Bobcat match.

“You probably won’t see them,” he said. “They’re not huge; a little bigger than a basketball, but they give us a lot of good quality video footage for anything that piques our interest in terms of safety. We want people to have a very safe and fun football event and that just increases our ability to accomplish that for them. “

Giffin also thanked the KGVO for broadcasting a previous interview about the need for more security personnel during the games, and that several people showed up to join the UM security team.

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