“In my hotel suite, I was about to go to bed when a woman grabbed my ankles from below”

Opera singer

Matt Goss is a musician best known for his 1980s band, Bros. He is currently single. The 53-year-old talks about having strong women in his life, crazy fans and his first love.

“Mom never raised us to feel entitled. When we first became famous with Bros, she would have kicked our ass if we had become arrogant.

My maternal grandmother, Whyn, died of cancer at age 50. She left behind a great force of women, including my mother, Carol, and my mother’s sisters, Sally and Anne. My maternal grandfather, Harry, never remarried and died at the age of 92. Nan was the love of her life. He became a faith healer, a tough East End boy whose last words were, “F—it, I’m going to see Whyn.”

My parents separated when I was five years old. Mom never watered down things about their relationship. She sat us down and said, “Daddy’s gone and he’s not coming back.” He loves you.” When he left mom for another lady, dad’s family took mom’s side and not his.

Mom didn’t realize she was pregnant with twins. My identical twin brother, Luke, was born first. They cut the umbilical cord and didn’t realize I was drowning and my lungs had collapsed. Mom was not feeling well. Dad said, “Maybe there’s another one in there!”

We never had a lot of money to grow. I remember mom opening her purse to find she only had two pennies. It was pouring rain and we ran to the phone booth. She started crying on the phone with my grandfather. Luke and I looked down at the floor and saw a soaked £5 note and picked it up. We knocked on the window to help her stop crying.

Mom always supported of our decision at age 12 to form a group. She played in bands and bought a drum set from Luke.

Matt Goss and Luke Goss of Bros.

Matt Goss and Luke Goss of Bros.

My Aunt Sally was an amazing singer, Aunt Anne was an amateur opera singer and my grandmother could sing like an angel. We were obsessed with all genres of music as a family, from soul to rock bands like Thin Lizzy and Cream. Mom never raised us to feel entitled. When we became famous with Bros, she would have kicked our ass if we had become arrogant.

I liked my English teacher, Miss Funnel, and science teacher, Miss Simkovich, at school because they both wore fishing nets. Miss Funnel always opened the window and used my desk to stand on. These women gave me my first sexually charged memories of being a hormonal teenager.