Is Annette with Adam Driver Coming on DVD and Blu-ray?

Opera singer


Annette has been released in select theaters, bringing us an unforgettable musical. Will the film arrive on DVD and Blu-ray in the future?

Since we found out the movie would eventually hit Amazon Prime Video, we’ve been excited about the release. Annette stars Adam Driver as Henry McHenry, a stand-up comedian in love with world-famous opera singer Ann (Marion Cotillard).

The two have a passionate relationship, but that could change with the birth of their first child, Annette. It turns out that it is not only the birth of the child that causes problems, but the extraordinary and mysterious abilities of this young girl.

It’s currently in theaters, but will eventually arrive on Amazon Prime Video this month. Eyes will now be on whether it will also come on DVD and Blu-ray.

Is Annette coming on DVD and Blu-ray?

As it happens on Amazon Prime Video, there is no guarantee that theatrical release means DVD release. However, there is a very good chance that a DVD release will occur.

Other Amazon films that first hit theaters have gotten DVD and Blu-ray release. However, not all of them have. For example, we are still waiting to see if The report, also starring Adam Driver, has no DVD release date yet.

That being said, Cold War came on DVD and Blu-ray. It took five months from theatrical release to DVD release, which gives an idea of ​​when Annette.

If the film is going on DVD, don’t expect it to go digital. Amazon will not want to post any movies on Digital for purchase as that removes the reason for watching them on the streaming platform.

Annette is currently in theaters and will come Amazon Prime Video Friday August 20.