Kaleidoscope Vocal Ensemble will present the premieres of “Five Borough Songbook, Volume III”

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Music Festival of the five boroughs announced its fall 2022 season.

The season will revolve around performances from “Five Borough Songbook, Volume III” with separate premieres in Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. The first is the Queens Premiere, which will take place at Flushing City Hall on Friday, October 21, 2022.

The Bronx premieres take place a day later at the Bronx Music Heritage Center lab. The Manhattan premiere will be October 23 at the Hebrew Union College Chapel.

The Kaleidoscope vocal ensemble will perform. The group is made up of soprano Nicole Joseph, soprano Gitanjali Mathur, mezzo-soprano Cecilia Duarte, tenor Haitham Haidar and baritone Jonathan Woody. They will be joined by pianist Erika Switzer, violinist Pala Garcia and cellist John Popham.

The Songbook offers a large number of songs from different boroughs. Representing the Bronx, “New York Revisited” by Will Healy and Joseph Tusiani; “Jesup Mantras” by Brian Lawlor and Valerie Seeley; and “The Rocking Chair” by Laura Jobin-Acosta and Noel Quiñones.

The Manhattan portion of the songbook includes “TimesSquare” by Darian Donovan Thomas; “We Met at the Symphony” by Nkeiru Okay” and “by the bone dry fountain of an early winter” by Juri Seo and Nick Main.

“You Can Find Queens” by Arianne Abela and Tom Lee; “Others Will See” by Colin Britt; and Majel Connery’s “The Sea Rolls Along” represent Queens.

Representing Staten Island, “جزيرة (The Island)” by Kinan Azmeh and Firas Sulaiman; “Nonnas” by Jessica Meyer; and Aaron Siegel’s “Song of Fresh Kills”.

Finally, Brooklyn will be featured in Jonathan Woody’s “In Kings”; “Between the Islands” by Raquel Acevedo Klein; and “Hello Beautiful” by Angélica Negrón.