Laurels and spears: winning, losing and playing by the rules

Opera singer

Laurel: Towards a spectacular race. Victory Brinker’s parents knew what they were doing when they named her. The pint-sized opera singer with a voice as big as the outside showed “America’s Got Talent” exactly what kind of talent lies in Unity with her months of appearances culminating in the finale of Wednesday night in prime time.

Did she take top honors? No. But she absolutely didn’t lose either.

In a reality show often dominated by things as popular as the dance of the stormtroopers of “Star Wars” or as quirky as a magician like the one who won first place this time around, Brinker got people to applaud for the opera. – an art form that is often considered as stifling as it is difficult. By singing in Italian, she made people care about words they couldn’t understand.

“It’s hard to define with (the X Factor), but you absolutely have it,” Judge Simon Cowell told him, winking at his other reality series.

Cowell can be brutal, but he’s rarely completely wrong, and in calling Victory a true winner who just didn’t win the trophy this time around, he’s 100% right.

Spear: To go against the rules. Children are sent to school to do more than learn to read, write and multiply fractions. A big part is learning to function in social environments and to work together. They learn to queue to change classes, raise their hands to ask questions so the class doesn’t degenerate into chaotic screams, and hand in homework so they don’t have to face disciplinary consequences.

Equally important is that parents and other members of the community do their part by following the rules.

Does that mean you have to agree with them? No. Many people disagree with the policies on masks in schools. But let’s keep in mind that some of those who disagree are also on the board or administration. The mandate in place at this time has not been adopted by schools but is in place to the order of the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Demonstrating near schools as a demonstration of freedom of expression is one thing. Protests targeting school boards and administrations are misplaced.

And episodes like the Norwin School Board being forced to adjourn its meeting because of people refusing to wear masks are not helping anyone. In effect, it forces districts to do what was done a year ago, by holding online meetings to comply with the rules.