Liminal du Gateau Chocolat at the King’s Head Theater

Opera song

Islington’s King’s Head Theater is hosting something a little different this month, “exploring the bittersweet richness of darkness, with the creamy decadence of light.”

Written and directed by artist Le Gateau Chocolat, and co-written and narrated by Tommy Bradson, Liminal is a cycle of opera songs that features a meditation asking, “Where do we go and who do we become when we lose our anchor? “

He is performed by Robert Barbaro, Grace Nyandoro, Honey Rouhani and Dan D’Souza.

The team behind it says: “For years, in a small room at the back of a pub, audiences have seen the greatest operas reworked, redesigned and updated. But what happens when Tosca takes her taxi home at the end of the night?

When the Figaro has a Zoom meeting at 11am? “

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Le Gateau Chocolat’s work spans drag, cabaret, opera, musical theater, children’s theater and live art. His baritone has been heard in previous works Le Gateau Chocolat, I ❤ Chocolat, In Drag and Black.

Her children’s show Duckie premiered at the Southbank Center in 2016. Her recent production icons have toured the world.

Liminal is open until Saturday 23 October. Visit for tickets and details.