Marie Osmond is also a little opera, since she comes to Minnesota for a holiday show

Opera song

We all know Marie Osmond is a bit of country and a bit of rock and roll. Did you know that it is also a bit of an opera?


It’s true. She has been taking classical singing lessons smoothly for 20 years.

Oh, Marie, the secrets you are keeping from us. Next thing you know, she’ll tell us how much weight she really lost.

But she called the other day to talk about something unexpected from her: classical music.

“I am not trained, I am educated,” she explained. “Am I the greatest opera singer in the world? Absolutely not. But going from ‘Paper Roses’ to ‘Nessun Dorma’ took a lot of work, and it was fun.”

She will be demonstrating her aria chops in concert on Saturday at the Mystic Lake Casino Showroom in Prior Lake.

No need to wait until then, however. Osmond showcases his newly revealed skills on “Unexpected,” a collection of tunes, tunes from shows and songs from movies released last week.

With her usual grace, precise enunciation and polished soprano voice, she sings Puccini, Handel and Dvorak as well as music by Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Rodgers & Hammerstein as well as “The Prayer” and “What a Wonderful World” .

No need to call the Met Opera for an audition, but rest assured that Marie – even a training diva only needs one name – will include tunes with holiday tunes in her Christmas concert on Saturday.

“We’re going to do it all,” said Osmond, 62, who gifted a vacation solo album in 2007. “I’ve been associated with vacation shows my whole life. Be it overseas with Bob Hope entertaining the troops or being the Osmond girl, I was invited to everyone’s Christmas show.

“The last two years haven’t been like Christmas. There’s something about going back to a live orchestra and live music that, you know, it’s not perfect but there is something magical about it. in there. “

Releasing an album so late in December is like trying to steal a page from Dr. Dre and Jay-Z’s hip-hop playbook. No, she said.

“It’s called the boats stuck in the port from China. It was supposed to go out on my birthday to thank my dad. On October 13, I was born on my dad’s birthday. Every year, he was taking me to buy an album.

“You’d think I’d buy country and pop – and I bought them. But I was really interested in Broadway arias and operas and things like that.”

Oprah was an impulse

Osmond said she wasn’t sure she was singing tunes, but was determined.

“I like to try things out and expose myself. Some of them, I agreed to add a little bit of my emotion to them, which could be my country / pop background.”

Her late son Michael, who died in 2010, actually preferred his opera singing at home.

“When he died I did ‘Pie Jesu’ [from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Requiem’] on ‘Oprah’, and I got so much feedback that people loved it. So that was the original ignition to make an album like this. “

What a surprise from someone whose last record, “Music Is Medicine” from 2016, was a country project. Don’t forget that she started out as a teenage artist with “Paper Roses”, a country hit in 1973.

Fearless, Osmond has been a careerist for six decades. She has done television, Vegas and Broadway (“King and I”, “Sound of Music”). She is the author of three books, including one on postpartum depression, all of which landed on the New York Times bestseller lists.

In 2019-2020, she co-hosted CBS’s “The Talk,” which gave her visibility during the pandemic, although many shows have been expanded from her home.

Moto Marie

During the pandemic, Osmond also spent time doing what some other empty nests are doing – traveling across the United States with her husband, Stephen Craig, whom she remarried in 2011, 26 years after their divorce.

Understand this: they often take his Harley with him.

“I’ve had a motorcycle license since I was 16. So I’ve been riding forever,” she said. “I haven’t rode in the last three or four weeks because I’ve been so busy putting on the show but when I get home, oh yeah.

“When we go camping we take it to the rural areas. I’m not a highway driver. To do it in the mountains and go on the roads there is so much fun for me.”

During the pandemic, Osmond appeared in commercials for Nutrisystem and this month in a lifetime movie, “A Fiance for Christmas”.

As a three-time married mother of seven living children (aged 19-38), she knows a thing or two about fiancés. One of her daughters, Jessica, is same-sex married.

“We have a group family text that goes 24/7. My kids are so different and so diverse in who they are. What I love about them is that they are. so loving and loyal to each other I would like the world to be that way, and let people believe what they believe and do what they want to do, just accept people for what they believe, they are my children.

Osmond will be home for Christmas with her husband near Zion National Park in Utah. (They also have a house in Las Vegas.)

“You’re getting to that age where your kids have to be home. We’re probably going to visit everyone. That’s what my parents did, and it works.”

No plans with Donny

OK, I can’t resist the obvious: How often does she talk to her brother Donny, who was her partner on ABC-TV’s “Donny & Marie” from 1976 to 1979 and long residency in Vegas that ended in November 2019?

“I really didn’t. He’s a brother. How often do you talk to your siblings?

“I have never worked with my siblings.”

“You’re lucky. Ha ha ha. I think the hardest thing in the world is working with the family. He’s my brother. It’s not like I won’t see him again.

“I’ve been so busy, and he’s been busy with his life. I’m so happy for him. He wants to continue a residency. It was great when I was raising my kids, but there is so much that I ‘would like to do whatever requires being on the road or on a movie set or taking the time to write.

“We’re very different, even musically now. I love the full symphony, and he loves the smoke and the glitter. Not that I don’t like it and I can do it too. But I just like to keep trying. And that gives me time to go see my grandchildren’s soccer games and go to the mountains and go camping with my husband and go sightseeing. “

Will Marie and Donny ever work together again?

“There are only a limited number of times you can sing ‘I’m Leaving It All Up to You’ and ‘Make the World Go Away’. I think we’ve done a good job for 11 years at Vegas.

“There is nothing in the future. I will never say never but probably not.”

Unless, of course, Donny had secretly studied classical music.

Marie osmond

When: 8 p.m. Sat.

Where: Mystic Lake Casino Showroom, Prior Lake.

Tickets: $ 49 and up,