Masked Singer fans are convinced the famous musical star is Traffic Cone after spotting a clue on Saturday’s show

Opera singer

Fans of THE Masked Singer have come up with a possible new identity for Traffic Cone – opera singer and TV star Alfie Boe.

Throughout the series, several names have been in the running, but Alfie’s is the latest to be thrown into the mix for the spectacular Traffic Cone.


Masked Singer Viewers Are Convinced Alfie Boe Is Traffic ConeCredit: Getty – Contributor
Several names have been associated with the stunning artist


Several names have been associated with the stunning artist1 credit

Viewers say the Fat Index from last week’s show points to Alfie’s past as a mechanic and have taken to social media to say they have an idea it’s him.

One wrote on Twitter: ‘Wasn’t Alfie Boe a mechanic before he became a singer, which would explain the fat and reinvent himself?

“Is #trafficcone Alfie Boe? #MaskedSingerUK None of the clues lead to him, but he’s all I have,” wrote a second.

Another tweeted: “Traffic Cone = Alfie Boe #MaskedSingerUK”.

“Finally! Thanks @ThisisDavina. Said Alfie Boe for WEEKS as Traffic Cone,” posted a fourth.

Other cone guesses have included X Factor star Rhydian Roberts, Rob Byrdon and Russell Watson.

Russell, however, insisted it wasn’t him and thinks it’s his friend Aled.

Speaking on GMB last month, he explained: “The weird thing is I didn’t know who it was when I saw the first performance, I had no idea.

“Then I heard the second performance and I know who it is. I’m absolutely certain of that.

“He didn’t admit it, he didn’t mention it at all, but I’m convinced he’s my buddy Aled Jones.

Earlier this week, fans of the ITV show were convinced Traffic Cone was Aled Jones following their latest ‘believe’ clue.

Taking to Twitter to speculate on the identity, one person wrote: “Aled Jones is 100% Traffic Cone, he had an album with faith in the title. #MaskedSinger.

Another person added, “I think the traffic cone is Aled Jones because he did a song called Believe #maskedsinger.”

While someone else commented, “Traffic Cone is so Aled Jones the minute he started singing I got it #blessed and he has a song called Believe #MaskedSinger.”

And another added: “The ‘Believe’ clue has popped up. Aled Jones’ album is called Believe! There’s no doubt it’s #TrafficCone now! #MaskedSingerUK #MaskedSinger.

Earlier this week, fans were convinced the Traffic Cone is Aled Jones


Earlier this week, fans were convinced the Traffic Cone is Aled JonesCredit: Rex Features