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ITVthe new dramatic comedy of The Alouettes has been a big hit with viewers who enjoy the heartwarming series that follows the working class Larkins family to the Kent countryside.

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But while the series features a number of familiar faces such as Bradley Walsh and Peter Davison, viewers wonder why they recognize Sabrina Bartlett, who plays Mariette Larkin.

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Who is Sabrina Bartlett?

Sabrina Bartlett is an English actress best known for her work in various historical and period dramas.

The 30-year-old was trained at the Guildford School of Acting before landing minor roles in programs such as Town of Holby and Doctor Who. The actress got her big break soon after, however, when she starred in the BBC One war drama. The passing bells.

You might recognize Sabrina from the hit Netflix drama Bridgerton where she plays the captivating opera singer Siena Rosso. The Hammersmith-born actress also starred in the ITV drama Victoria where she played Abigail Turner, a seamstress in the Queen’s Staff, as well as appearing in another historical series, Knightfall, where she played Princess Isabelle, the youngest daughter of King Philippe IV of France.

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As well as this, Sabrina has starred in dramas such as Da Vinci’s demons and Poldark, playing the recurring roles of Sophia and Keren Smith respectively, and even had a brief stint on HBO Game Of Thrones, play a member of House Frey in the sixth season finale.


Sabrina has appeared in shows such as Bridgerton

Who plays Sabrina The Alouettes?

Sabrina plays Mariette, the beautiful eldest daughter of Pop and Ma Larkin, who, despite the attention of two young suitors, plans to leave the peaceful village of Kent in search of more exciting adventures.

Speaking about his role at, Sabrina revealed that she had not seen the original 1990s series. She said: “I must admit that I had not seen Darling Buds of May, that was obviously something I had heard about. But while auditioning for the role, I thought to myself that I hadn’t watched the show, I hadn’t looked at any pictures. “

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Sabrina plays Mariette Larkin in ITV comedy-drama

She continued: “I just wanted to read it and have my own take on the character based on how he appeared. And especially with Simon’s [Nye] the writing, the idea that we’re looking at this character now, right now. It’s something that I think at some point I would like to go back and revisit. “

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