Opera legend Lesley Garrett hosts large-scale charity concert to raise blood cancer awareness

Opera singer

Doncaster-born soprano singer Lesley Garrett is hosting a charity concert to raise awareness about blood cancer, after losing her father to leukemia in 2012.

Joining BBC Morning Live hosts Gethin Jones and Kimberley Walsh today (November 24), the 66-year-old opera legend and CBE explained that he inherited his pure worship of the arts from his family.

“I’m lucky to come from South Yorkshire,” said Lesley, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music. “And a very musical community!

“I was born into a wonderful mining community, my parents were actually railway workers – a lot of my family were miners and steel workers – but what tied us all together was this wonderful thing called music.

“There were choirs everywhere and marching bands everywhere, and my parents and grandparents were all singing and playing.

“We were making music all the time, it was like, have your tea – sing a song! It was part of life.”

Lesley’s grandfather, Colin Wall, was a classical pianist, but she regularly attributes her passion for song to her father Derek Garrett.

A railway worker, Derek tragically died of blood cancer in 2012 at the age of 82. Lesley’s mother, Margaret, died of kidney cancer less than a year later.

“Well, it’s a concert for Blood Cancer UK – a wonderful Christmas carol concert. It’s at St Paul’s on December 14th at seven o’clock.

Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells, with approximately 9,900 people diagnosed each year.

“We have a host of wonderful stars coming in to read – we have Stephen Fry, we have Helen Baxendale. We have a whole host of wonderful people!

“Holly Willoughby is coming! We have, of course, the backing vocals and choirs from St Paul to start singing, with myself.”

The Overtones perform at the Christmas charity show

Vocal harmony group The Overtones, along with classically trained jazz singer Natalie Rushdie, will also join the big-name lineup.

Lesley, who also admitted that she would like to collaborate with Adele on her next studio outing, explained: “We are very keen to cheer on as many people as possible because, make no mistake, blood cancer affects a whole range of people. large part of the population.

“It is the third most common cancer in the country, it is the first most common cancer in children.”

Tickets for the Lesley’s Charity Concert are available at bit.ly/2XxbvqB.

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