“Post-vaccination joy”: an assisted living facility organizes a birthday party for three friends at the age of 100

Opera singer


The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on everyone, but it has been especially tough on the elderly living far from their families. An assisted living facility in the United States celebrated the 100th birthday of three “golden girls” to spread joy after they were all vaccinated. Now, the photo of their adorable birthday party is delighting all Internet users.

“It’s not every day that you celebrate someone turning 100, but Atria West 86 in New York has seen three wonderful women reach that milestone within days of each other,” Atria Senior wrote. Living online. Sharing a photo of longtime friends Ruth Schwartz, Edith Moscow and Lorraine Pirrello, the retirement home showed how the trio celebrated their special day with cake and champagne.

Three women from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, who all turned 100 in June within days of each other, celebrated with other members living in the health facility, their relatives and even representatives of the press .

Schwartz, a retired teacher; Moscow, an entrepreneur, and Pirrell, o who was an opera singer at the Met, lived together in the same apartment building for many years and said the pandemic only brought them together, PIX11 reported. The anniversary event was very special as it gave them the opportunity to meet family members that they had not met face to face for a very long time.

“We went through it together. I’m just grateful that I was here to get the shot, ”Schwartz told the PEOPLE. On her birthday, Schwartz and some of her extended family went out to dinner and she described it as “feeling like you came back to life”.

“When we were confined for all these months it was really horrible, but it was necessary,” Pirrello said. “I feel so liberated now,” she added, after regaining some normalcy.

“I never thought I would get there, and I’m grateful I did,” Moscow said Fox news 5 about its centenary. And sharing her secret to long life, she attributed it to staying active and busy.