Richfield Springs brings back its “Concerts in The Park” series

Opera singer

Richfield Springs has announced the return of its “Concerts In The Park” series, with concerts taking place at 7 p.m. Wednesdays at Spring Par on U.S. Route 20. The concerts will be free to guests and will run from late June through late June. . of August.

June 29: Glimmerglass Festival

This concert will serve as a season preview for this year’s Glimmerglass Festival, presented by members of their Young Artists Program with introductions by Francesca Zambello, Artistic and General Director. The Glimmerglass Festival is an annual series of opera and music performances, and its Young Artists Program provides in-depth training and first-hand experience for young artists performing in the fields of opera singing, acting, dance and acting.

July 6: The Dirt Road Express

The Dirt Road Express, a band that performs classic country and rock music mostly from the 50s and 60s. The band consists of Ray Peck, Mike Tooley, Ken Whitney and Ellen Harrington.

July 13: Helen’s Dixielanders

Helen’s Dixielanders are a group that performs a wide variety of different musical styles, ranging from polka and show tunes to opera and Dixieland, a style of improvisational jazz created by musicians in early New Orleans. 1900s. The group consists of Helen Maksymicz on keyboard, Charles Coville on trumpet, Lenore Signorelli on clarinet/alto saxophone, Linda Dudgeon on tenor saxophone, Allen Huntley on trombone, Ron Frohne on tuba and Dave Talaba on percussion.

For more information, find their page on Facebook here.

July 20: The alumni show

The Oldies Show is a nine-person musical collective based in Albany that plays the greatest hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The band is made up of four vocalists and full rhythm and horn sections.

More information about the band can be found on their website here.

July 27: The Nelson Brothers

The Nelson Brothers are a three-man band who perform classic country tunes.

To learn more or see some of their performances, check out their Facebook page here.

August 3: Bar New Horizonsbershop Choir & Individual Quartets

A vocal group that has since popular a capella songs in the barbershop quartet style.

August 10: Double Chase/Matt & Thelma

A mother-son duo performing old and new country music. Matt plays guitar and his mother, Thelma, sings.

Double Chase is a real family affair

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August 17: Cincinnati Creek

A four-person band that performs originally written traditional bluegrass music. The group consists of Lori Thompson, Chris Pepe, Gary Dygert and Cathy Martin. To know more about the group you can find their Facebook page here.

August 24: Rylee Lum Band

The Rylee Lum Band is led by young country artist Rylee Lum. To listen to some of his music, check out his website here.

August 31: Salt City Brass

Salt City Brass is a polka band led by singer, songwriter, accordionist and keyboardist Jasiu Kloeck. The band specializes in polka, but plays a wide variety of music in genres such as Latin and swing. To learn more about the group, visit their website here.