Robb Trust concert to feature fandangos: UNM Newsroom

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The John Donald Robb Musical Trust and the National Hispanic Cultural Center at the University of New Mexico present the 8th Annual John D. Robb, Jr Concert: Music of the Corazón: Fandango roots and flowers Sunday, November 14 at 3 p.m. at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. The event, which shares and promotes the legacy of New Mexican folk music and compositions by John Donald Robb, is free and open to the public.

Music of the Corazón: Fandango roots and flowers will be organized by Professor Emeritus Enrique Lamadrid from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UNM. Performers include Son Veracruz with Otilio Ruiz and his family; Vicente Griego and Marisol Encinias from the National Institute of Flamenco; and performers from the salsa group Son Como Son with César Bauvallet.

Fandangos are an intercultural tradition of interwoven music, lyrics and dances that spread to the most remote corners of the colonies of Spain around 1700. The word itself is of African origin, as are the percussive rhythms. and the energetic dance of the submarines. Sahrawi peoples who have lost their freedom, but not their music. The slave trade went up the west coast of Africa to the Iberian ports to the Americas. Along the way, the musical traditions of Andalusian, Gypsy, Afro-Latino and Native American peoples have mingled and evolved.

Fandangos are also events, cultural gatherings and popular dances. In Spain, all social sectors participated, from village festivals to royal courts. The craze spread to the rest of Europe and was adapted for living rooms and stages by composers like Scarlatti and Mozart, including opera The Marriage of Figaro features a fandango. Over the next three centuries, the fandangos became places of resistance, empowerment and liberation.

Music of the Corazón will present these living traditions. In upcoming concerts, the Robb Trust will explore the musical recovery of New Mexican fandango and celebrate the Baroque fandangos of New Spain and Europe.

The UNM Robb Trust is proud to support the music and musical legacy of John Donald Robb, to continue his inspiring commitment to education, and to advance understanding of Southwestern music. The Robb Trust, in partnership with composers, entertainers, educators, students and the public, showcases Dean Robb’s legacy by preserving the traditions of Southwestern folk music, promoting the music by John Donald Robb and supporting the composition of contemporary music.

Proof of vaccination will be required as prescribed by the UNM at the time of the event on November 14. Wearing a mask will be required throughout the building, including during the performance.

For more information, see the John Donald Robb Trust Website.