Stranger Things returns, new Irish music on RTÉ One

Opera music

In progress; Crawford Art Gallery

A video portrait of prominent LGBTQ+ activist and renowned researcher Joycean. Dunsmore’s portrayal of this usually lively storyteller is silent – Norris sits calm, surrounded by books and the remains of documents related to Joyce. Part of Crawford’s Bloomsday related events.

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A flash

Ongoing until Thursday, June 30; Irish Film Institute

Étienne (Kad Merad), an avid, though often unemployed, actor runs a theater workshop in prison where he introduces an unlikely cast of aspiring actors to the challenging work of Samuel Beckett.

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Wednesday June 29; Liege Opera

The current set-up of British prog-rock icons revved up at the Opera House, filled with large-scale visual and lighting production, performing landmark album ‘Relayer’ in full.

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The main stage

Friday, July 1; RTE One

RnB singer-songwriter and singer Erica-Cody and Danny O’Reilly, lead singer of The Coronas, host a new music show, featuring unique performances, interviews and collaborations from the worlds of rock, folk, trad and RnB.

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Stranger Things IV: Part Two

From Friday 1 July; netflix

The Netflix phenom is heading to its season finale on a wave of hype – having almost single-handedly put Kate Bush back on the charts.