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Khori Dastoor, Managing Director and CEO of Houston Grand Opera (as of January 2022); Janice Bond, deputy director of the Houston Museum of Contemporary Art; Juraj Valcuha, Music Director of the Houston Symphony (from fall 2022)

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It is a historic and pivotal period for all of us, including the world of the arts.

Many Houston arts groups have gradually branched out into live performances and reopened arts spaces over the past year and months.

This fall, many will finally be returning to the stage for full seasons in person.

How will local arts groups evolve after the pandemic?

How has the last year changed their art forms?

And what is the future of performing arts, equity and community and national impact?

Some organizations are rebuilding, innovating and even welcoming new leaders.

Today, the directors of Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony and the Houston Museum of Contemporary Art join us – all of whom have recently announced new leaders.

They discuss their visions, lessons learned, and the future of Houston’s art scene.

Catherine Lu is the guest host of this episode.

The guests are:

Khori Dastoor

  • Houston Grand Opera’s new Managing Director and CEO, who will take office in January 2022

Janice Bond

John Mangum

  • Houston Symphony Executive Director and CEO, speaking on new appointed Music Director Juraj Valcuha – who begins his role as musical director in the 2022-2023 season

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