Today everything revolves around stevia the plant

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We all know the little sachets of the Stevia sweetener or the liquid version that you find in grocery stores.

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But I am talking about the current Stevia plant. It is a shrub plant of the sunflower family native to North and South America. Due to its popularity as an alternative sweetener, it is now cultivated around the world. You can find it at your local garden center, like I did.

The health benefits of stevia have been extensively researched over the past two decades. It is a good sugar substitute because it does not raise your blood sugar. Hence, it can be used safely by diabetics and helps in weight loss. Stevia is 200 to 300 times sweeter than refined sugar!

Of course, I have my own Stevia plant that grows in a pot outside and I use the fresh leaves daily in my morning smoothie. Since the days are getting colder, I also enjoy it in my herbal tea. For this, I collect around 5 fresh leaves and combine them with around 10 fresh mint leaves, crush them with a mortar and let them both soak in hot water for about ten minutes. This makes a delicious, naturally sweet mint tea.

For your health!

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