UEFA opposes plan to show ‘Three Lions’ at Wembley

Opera song


‘Three Lions’ frontman Frank Skinner said UEFA opposed plans for him and David Baddiel to perform their popular song ahead of Sunday’s European Championship final between England and England. ‘Italy at Wembley.

The hit song, released in 1996, has been relaunched in recent years as England’s footballing performances have improved, moving up the charts as fans started singing the lyrics when Gareth Southgate’s side took to the stage. burst into the 2018 World Cup semi-finals.

The catchy verse of “Football’s Coming Home” has become the de facto anthem for England fans, and Skinner has said he suggested he performs at Wembley ahead of the final.

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“UEFA said it was too partisan and unfair to the Italians to have this,” Skinner said as quoted by Sky Sports on UK talk show “The Last Leg”.

“In the opening match, which was Italy against Turkey, (Italian opera tenor) Andrea Bocelli sang ‘Nessun Dorma’ before the match.”

UEFA, the governing body of European football, confirmed receiving a request on Friday, but declined because the program for the closing ceremony had already been finalized.

“No additional elements can be incorporated at this stage due to the very tight countdown schedule and operational complexities before kick-off,” a UEFA spokesperson told Reuters.

“The song ‘Three Lions’ … is the fan song selected by the England Football Association, and will be played during the players’ warm-up, as has been the case in previous England matches.”